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Specializes In:

  • natural hair

  • extensions

  • color

  • eyelash extensions




My name is Thao Nguyen. I am 28 years old. I am a lash artist and a nail technician. I have been doing nails since 2014. And lashes for a year. I am mom of two boys, a 4 year old and a 2 year old. When I’m not working I like to hang out with my family. I also like to sing karaoke with some Hennessy. I love food, but my favorite is sushi.



vivia-lively hands

Hi! I'm Vivia,...AKA Lively Hands, your favorite Gemini. I'm a mother of 3 girls, 16 yr old twins and a 6 yr old. I've been doing hair full time since 2008. I was licensed in 2003 in high school and did it on the side. I found my love for hair as a child in the salon with my grandmother (Addie Penson), who had her own salon built onto her home. I was honored to have her as my first client when her health declined and she could no longer do her own. For fun I LOVE LOVE LOVE karaoke AND NO I can't sing but I love to! Traveling is my next favorite thing to do whether with my children, my spouse, or a group of boss chicks that know how to turn up! I also love to bowl, fish, host game nights, movie dates, and cook for company (because I love to entertain at home)!




Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Domonique has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2008. She has been a stylist in Outreś hair show amongst other great accomplishments. Although shes skilled in all phases of hair she specializes in cutting ans healthy hair. Domonique is the Chick-fil-A of hairstylists! Not only do you get bomb hair you'll get great professionalism. Don't let this bio be the hype, come see for yourself!





Cosmo cash

My name is Ca’Sharra Rose C. Better known as “Cash “money taking  99’ and the 2000's. Dallas Texas born and raised baby. I’m 26yrs young and a mother to a loving daughter Ca’Ziah who’s 5. I’m very goofy, energetic, and love to dance . I'm a girly girl tomb boy of that make sense lol. I’m a people person, I meet friends easily make you feel like we’ve know each other a life  time . And as you may guess my favorite flower is a ROSE . Let’s talk hair ! In the hair industry I known as COSMO CASH . As the initials C C will follow me for a life time . I found the passion for hair as a young diva ; as I play with dolls until I was In the 9th grade . I’ve always had a passion for natural hair and healthy hair . I found a passion for weaves and sewins but 90 of my of clients come to get there natural hair healthy . I became licensed in 2014 , but didn’t actually get the guts and walk out on faith until 2016 and it’s be up from there . I’m always looking and accepting new clients so I can’t wait to meet you ladies . 

Porcelain at Snatched Beauty Bar Grand Prairie



Hello my name is Porcelain! 
I specialize in healthy hair ,natural hair, protective styles and weaves. I value all of my clients and believe there are no limitations to hair just obstacles that can be overcome with the right  skill and technique.