Safi Facial Mist is a sensitive skin, moisturizing, acne and blemish fighting, AND refreshing facial spray that everyone (men AND women) need to include in their daily skincare routine. It is infused with aloe vera and rose petals to help hydrate, soothe and pamper your skin. Although it is VERY gentle it is strong enough to tackle facial blemishes such as; acne, scars, ingrown hairs, dark spots etc! You can use this spray as an astringent, toner, aftershave, complexion balancer, and even as a setting spray for your makeup!

4 oz/ 118 ml

Safi Facial Mist

SKU: SAFM-5940
    • Shake well before use. Mist onto face throughout the day as needed. Works great as an after face wash or face mask toner to fight against acne, scars, dark spots and other blemishes. Can also be used as a setting spray for your makeup. For men use just as you would an aftershave! Discontinue use if you notice any discomfort or irritation.