Hey! I'm Hannah aka...HB! I'm a master hair stylist, lash artist, instructor/mentor and PROUD owner of SNATCHED! Beauty Bar, Safi Hair & Skin Care, Cosmetics by HB, and E.C.E Academy..whew! That's a helluva sentence! 😂

I'm made of a lot of layers but at the root, I'm someone who is CALLED to SERVE and POUR into others and help Enhance, Create, and Elevate along the way!

In addition to being in the beauty industry I have a Master's in Counseling and am a Human Behavior Specialist--yeah I know a real life "Hair-apist"!

What all this means is that I have been blessed to merge all of my passions  in my day to day. Whether it's doing someone's hair extensions, lash extensions, doing a lash training, or doing one-on-one coaching...I enjoy seeing the smile on the faces of those I serve. I enjoy seeing their growth either physical, mental or spiritual. I enjoy just being a part of their process!

I thank GOD for his hand in my vision, manifestation of my dream and the strengths and gifts I'm given daily to make it happen!

Oh! I almost forgot....I love wine! I love a good book! And I have the cutest yorkie-pom "furbaby" known to man! 😘

Peace, Love & Healing


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